About Inese Davidsone

Inese Davidsone has obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy (Bc.phil.), MBA or master’s degree of business administration (Mg.oec.), and currently she writes her PhD thesis in the field of business administration with a topic on the lifestyle business as a foundation for sustainable development in Latvia (PhD.oec.cand). Thanks to the extensive academic education, she now has a broad view of the world and ability to find her way around in vast information without losing her course and inner belief. The practical knowledge has contributed to the fact that Inese now has logical understanding of things, while the humanitarian disciplines have broadened her point of view and provided a historic background for shaping her ideas and thoughts. The continuing education is the backbone of Inese’s true nature. Just like life is always under motion, the true essence of Inese lies in growth, development, deeper understanding and new perspectives.


Inese works as a counseling Vedic astrologist with her work being just like music. She aims to find for each person a string of the soul that needs tuning, to cleanse and polish it until it is capable to make a clear and pure sound. Through a wide range of questions summarized by the Vedic astrologist, the answers strive to lead to the understanding of one’s true nature, disentangling of logical everyday events on the level of their causes and meaningful use of one’s tools for action.


The art of henna is Inese’s song of the soul. It is traditional, historic, authentic, magical and captivating. In the hands of Inese, the henna cones become a magical wand that obeys her desires. The henna drawings can soothe body along with balancing everything that is instable, nervous and inconstant.


Various lectures give her an opportunity to share and give. The wide variety of topics in Inese’s lectures makes them interesting both to corporative events and private parties. The ironic lightness and clear language are her strong sides that allow her to explain complex and inexplicable topics to anybody; moreover, her captivating speech makes one to relentlessly capture each thought and idea.


 She is also a mother to her sons and wife to her Man.


From Yoga to Qigong, from Venstpils to Vietnam, from heart to cosmos – this is how vast is the nature of Inese’s activities, awareness, acts, acceptance and deeds. Want – can – do – and that’s it!


Inese’s Motto


When a person dares to carry out their dreams, the access to the universal energy becomes apparent. The life has a potential to give everything that is possible. Therefore, one’s failures are nothing more than lack of bravery and fear of starting something new. A failure transforms the person and thus the one who loses is in fact the winner. The completeness of life lies in its diversity, and true wealth is one’s ability to feel, rather than sense. The diversity of daily situations and challenges makes one feel a wide spectrum of emotions. The key to one’s wellness lies in finding the right balance.’


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