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Some of the Recent Projects by Inese Davidsone

When a person asks a question, the card he/she picks shows how the idea in mind or action to be taken will turn out. The Intuition Cards are irreplaceable advisory and revelation tool.


Includes 27 cards and a book.

Colouring pictures gives peace, balance, harmony and tranquillity – in the body at first, but then also in life. The selection of tones is just like a game that makes you happy.

Colouring makes you feel well, gives peace and promotes the flow of life energy. The game of colours and the palette of individually selected colours balance energetic centres and ensure internal harmony and wellness.

Inese Davidsone is a renowned henna artist with many appearances on TV and interviews in press. With unique and fantastic ornaments  she has decorated several thousands of happy clients and conducted almost 50 masterclasses.


Due to her vast experience and magnificient creativity Inese might be a perfect fit for your corporate event!