Henna Drawing as a Meditation

Historically, body beautification with henna drawings was traditional in the great Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Assyria, Mesopotamia and Babylonia.


Leafs of the henna plant (lawsonia inermis) are harvested twice a year and then dried and powdered. Long time ago this powder was used both as a hair dye and a body cooling preparation.


Women are using henna paste to decorate and adorn their hands, legs and other body parts. The henna paste can be used to draw fine, complex and detailed drawings on the skin that look like works of art.


The henna paste drawings (Mehndi) which translates from Hindi into ‘art’ is not only a type of body beautification but also a healing and esoteric remedy.


The Sanskrit mantra drawings collect and transform the waves of consciousness.


The drawings of individually selected symbols are just like upaya or a compensation for diminishing the negative energies and attracting the benevolent ones. Body’s energies can be strengthened through intuitive henna drawings.


Inese Davidsone, the Henna Guru, uses for her henna drawings only fresh henna paste, made of natural ingredients – powder of henna plant leafs, freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey, black tea, pepper and cinnamon stick as well as natural essential oils (lavender, tea plant and geranium).


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