Celebration of Karma: Gratitude

We are always trying to figure out how to get everything we want. There are mystical reasons behind why we all feel that we deserve happiness. We deserve to be happy, loved, appreciated, respected, spared by destiny and understood by those around us. But no one truly knows who has promised all these things. Because in reality nothing is promised. People only live according to their karma, and the head resting on the body has little to do with the depth of the consciousness. The mind is surprisingly short-sighted and comically full of hopes. Those cultivating the power of mind have come up with an idea of possibilities bestowed by the positive thinking, thus distancing people even further from their true nature and boxing them in the mind’s narrow range of perception.


The horoscope tells a story of the person-in-question as well as his or her family, kin, close ones and those not so close, karma of the country and whole humankind. That’s how multi-dimensional, extensive and deep is the path of one’s consciousness. Because in fact none of us are alone as we all are just a part of the universe and infinity. The conception of one’s unique nature and individuality is one of the most ridiculous mind games brought to life by the mind being in cahoots with one’s ego. These ties with the universe are responsible for one’s illusions of the promised moment of happiness. At the very origin of the cosmos, there was a blink in the mind suggesting this transcendental moment of happiness.  This serves as a drive in each reincarnation of the soul to desire to find this feeling of happiness in the mortal life. However, the true game of destiny lies in the fact that the manifestation of these aspects is not promised to everyone. Even though our desires make us light up, they, however, are not always achievable. Thus our illusions take us only to subsequent disappointments. In an unexpected turn of events, the more we desire, the more we pray for. However, our prayers are not rooted in our faith. We pray because we believe that we deserve something.


Everybody prays. At least as much as their views and insatiability allow. Many hope, but only few believe. Since we are living in an overpopulated world, there are so many prayers and requests addressed to heaven that for a very long time there has been a deficit of possibilities to even count all these requests in order to at least assess whether it is possible to give everybody what they deserve.  Everybody wants something believing that they deserve it.


God loves people. So much that He does not lose hope and faith. A human is the one who sometimes refuses to believe and stubbornly considers that his or her rights are reasonable and undeniable. But in fact there are more prayers and requests than there are possibilities. The world is exhausting its resources. Human insatiability knows no limits.


The solution lies in Gratitude.


Gratitude equals to humility. Gratitude equals to love. Finally, gratitude equals to force. All these things are widely missing in modern people. It’s quite possible that the principle of equality is effective in the work environment but it is powerless in the face of karma.


Through gratitude people release themselves in the flow of free energy which allows them to reach destinations much farther than the mind’s desires and intentions. Gratitude reaches the corner of heaven where there is no such deficit. There one can find a vast field of energy and possibilities which allow for manifestation of the possibilities hiding in one’s consciousness.

Through prayer one limits its options. Such a person prays for things that might improve the quality of life and daily affairs. The changes we pray for sometimes are so insignificant that God postpones answering until other, more important things are realized. Therefore, one’s requests accumulate in the segment of deficit leading to ever-increasing disbelief, concern, dissatisfaction and anger. However, all these emotions stem from dissatisfaction and fear. Fear that you are the one who will have to deal with everything and get your life in order.


An evening diary gives us a chance to write down things that we should be thankful for. In a divine sense, we should be grateful for every single breath because with every breath we come to life and with every exhalation we slowly die. However, one’s rigid ability to understand is capable to perceive only tangible points of gratitude. By noticing only the above, we slowly change the way how we think of what is valuable.


Gratitude for a morning which has brought you a clear head and good health. A day that has gone by without any accidents and misunderstandings. Peers that make you feel welcomed and valued. Two hands that allow you to function. Sun behind the window that soothes the soul. Traffic on your way back home allowing you to remember the dynamic nature of life. Milestones freeze a moment and allow the mind to stop on its hurry to realize what is going on. Mind’s fantasies, illusions and hopes butcher the power of any given moment. The power of consciousness heals mental diseases. But the widespread vegetative dystonia is the game played by one’s mind with the depth of consciousness. The essence of a person is then ruled by the mind and ego. One should not serve the body. The mission of karma is much more nuanced and promising. The rules of life simply make us to walk on the right side of the street and turn in the right direction when necessary.


Gratitude is a fundamental solution how to sip from the fountain of universal depths, instead of getting what is desired by the limited mind’s imagination. Gratitude gives us a chance to reach the infinity, to capture the moment, believe, know, feel and enjoy. The source of gratitude is divine and inexhaustible because the key to life lies in the fact that the elixir must be found within ourselves. Therefore, as soon as love, peace, happiness, joy and wellness comes into our hearts, it also manifests in life. Because there is nothing tangible outside us and the whole world lies within. Gratitude serves as doors that lead to this world.


Inese Davidsone, Ph.D.oec.cand., Vedic astrologist


What to do When the Intention – Dream – Plan – Determination Fails?

When seeking to launch something new, always be determined to follow through. Plans and ideas, determination and dreams. Completion of unfinished affairs and realization of new ideas. Every day these matters flout around in the air. Year by year. However, rather often we come to realize that our plans are still at the stage of intentions. What to do in order to achieve everything we desire and where to find will power to bring our ideas to life?


The beginning of each year is the moment when truth stings the heart. Then it becomes clear that following through your plans requires work and energy. Then your mind suggests to re-evaluate intentions and give up illusions. However, rather often giving up illusions lead to disappointment. And this disappointment truly stings because it affects the person on a personal level.


Disappointment in yourself makes you realize that nobody else can take responsibility for your life. Parents, teachers, bosses and government – all these institutions can do is assume collective responsibility. The most difficult thing is to believe in yourself and become united with your inner core because most often people do not have such a core at all. Everyday affairs, hurry and carelessness lead to confusion and make you lose yourself in trivial things. People lose their core and shift away from the energetic centre. Therefore, they cannot find their own truth and wonder in illusions leading to disappointment. Disappointment signals that you are going down a wrong path.


How to know when we have taken on too much? How to know which is the right direction?  How not to lose yourself in insignificant things? How to return to your energetic centre?


Everybody has needs and desires, dreams and hopes. The problem is that sometimes we get confused which are our desires and which are the needs. Is your promotion a desire or a need? Your ego might think that it’s a desire in your best interests so that you could increase your ambitions. On a professional level, this is a need for better growth in future. How to find the true reason behind all aspects?


It is easy to abandon intentions that has originated outside the person. Your intentions to engage in more physical activities can always be disguised by weakness, but plans to walk around more can be interfered by daily busyness and hurry. Furthermore, your determination to meet your relatives more often can be waived in the face of professional workload. An explanation and justification can be found for almost everything. Everything that takes shape outside us can be subordinated giving laziness a reason to cheer and making it harder for the feeling of unfulfilment to find its source. Because the paradox of life determines that the feeling of fulfilment is closely related to the amount of work to be done. The more people realize themselves, the more energy they get through these processes. Therefore, the more we allow ourselves to be lazy, the more we exhaust ourselves. This is not a way how we get spare time, but instead it is how we start to panic.


 The solution comes from realizing that fulfilment can be found in each day. Anything we set in the form of a future goal is just a utopia because future itself is only an illusion. The only thing we can take from the past is experience. Not affection and hopes, but experience and fulfilment of growth. Moreover, future is not promised as it only arises out of today’s paths and actions.


To carry out your dreams, it is not mandatory that you wait for a certain milestone (tomorrow, Monday or the next month). The foundations should be laid down today! You must reach towards your goal step by step. Because the goal is not only the result but also the process. You can only sense the determination of ego, but these little steps taken every day provide a guarantee that everything will go according to the plan (not only in the sense of realization, but also in the context of believing in yourself). Because there is no aspect in one’s personality more important than trust in yourself. When people know that God, love, happiness, money and fulfilment already can be found in them, their core cannot be shaken or affected by fluctuations of ego or external conditions.


Abandoning all these things is a natural process teaching how not to be attached to anything. It’s the reality of life and, therefore, it is essential to understand which are the intentions that develop and complement us and which are the plans that are based on illusory foundations.


Inese Davidsone, Ph.D.oec.cand., Vedic astrologist


How to Learn to Enjoy Life and Why All Women Should Read Kama Sutra!

It’s confession time: how many of us have read Kama Sutra? And that means not only taking a look at the pictures, but actually reading the text. Have we seen a lot of photos of this book on Instagram or Facebook? Do people read this book in public places? No! Why is that? It’s simply because nowadays society believes that Kama Sutra is all about sex and pleasure and, therefore, one should not read the book, speak about it and let alone practice this art. Although we surely have not returned to days when ‘there was no such thing as sex’ and it was not talked about, but to a certain degree we (women) have immersed ourselves in daily duties, business, desire for success and holding to our power so much that we have forgotten how to enjoy life.


In her henna master classes, Henna Guru Inese Davidsone, a true being of light in whose presence not only men but also women hold on their breath, discusses such topics as how to enjoy life and regain femininity. Inese is a henna artist and Vedic astrologist who is capable to change a woman’s life with a single henna drawing. In one word, she is truly ‘feminine’. Our discussions included conversations on Kama Sutra and things which modern women should learn from the ancient Vedic knowledge.


What can we lear from Kama Sutra!


First, I advise all women to remember three basic principles on which the essence of our lives rely upon, that is, Ardha, Dharma and Kama. In the olden days, Ardha and Dharma were believed to be the realms of men, but Kama clearly was, and is, the field designated for women. Kama means ‘enjoying things’, and all women can find out how to enjoy life in the wonderful book of Kama Sutra which nowadays is widely available. This book was written by Indians 1,500 years ago but knowledge therein is topical even today. If in the past it was believed that Kama was to be studied only by courtesans, then nowadays this preconception is noticeably different, but not in the meaning that Kama should be studied by all women, but rather in the meaning that modern women should not study Kama at all.


How to be feminine is the most fundamental thing all women should know. Nowadays women devote a lot of time for earning money, getting powerful, managing companies, taking important financial decisions and holding everything in a firm grasp, but at the same time they have no knowledge on Kama and Tantra because these topics relate to pleasure and the society still believes that it is not polite to talk about pleasure, let alone enjoy it in real life. However, there is no better way how to relax your mind and set free and extend your creative potential than enjoying the life, relaxing, dancing and doing nothing. People distance themselves from these pleasures because they believe that they deserve these things only when everything else is done; however, since everything else is never completely done, we never have time for these things. Therefore, when hearing about sixty-four arts of Kama Sutra which must be mastered by all women before marriage and later on practiced in the marriage, many women are surprised; however, these are the very foundations that shape our relationships with men. It was a lot easier in the olden days because Kama was taught by older family women or trustworthy, conversant girlfriends. Sadly, today nobody talks about this knowledge.


In my lectures and sessions, I recommend women to remember what it means to solve puzzles and difficult riddles, to learn about new constellations in order to discuss these topics with husbands as well as other intellectual ways how to pass time with a man in more meaningful manner. A woman must be well-rounded in many topics so that a man would be interested in spending time with her and could regain strength in her company. A man proves himself and fulfils his mission through professional activities; therefore, it is important that he can relax, regain strengths and rejuvenate at home. It is important that at home he feels loved and understood; however, when a woman does not know how to relax herself because she constantly tries to have a firm grasp of everything, she is also not capable to create such an environment at home. Therefore, my suggestion is to remember what lies at the primeval core of a woman. For the purposes of a discussion about femininity, it is essential that we do not misunderstand the very concept of it. This concept does not mean cleaning home, doing dishes or cooking in a traditional sense. All these home chores are supplementary but they do not define what femininity is. The concept of femininity includes a change of attitude towards many things, e.g., making bed in the morning is not a burden but a chance to create beautiful environment at home. Our femininity flourishes when we take care of our surroundings by, let’s say, making a room beautiful with flowers, when we take care of our bodies with various eau de toilette, put on clean clothes and other ways. Kama Sutra lays down this knowledge how to take care of yourself and your surroundings, how to welcome your husband back home, how to seduce a man (make yourself desirable in his eyes), how to turn the attention of courtesans away from your man and many more topics which women should master.


Sadly, universities today do no teach this knowledge and, therefore, women do not know these things and are incapable to establish long-lasting relationships. In modern relationships, there is lack of respect, sex and trust; there is only relationship itself. However, in this age it should be considered as a success when you have a relationship at all, because it is such a rare thing these days.


Therefore, my suggestion for women is not to move forwards but to look for ancient knowledge. One of the things you may do to return to your true nature is being naked for a while after showering in evening. This is a way how to abandon all masks and be aware of your physical body, sensations, mind… and to return to your primeval, true nature. Our true nature is released from chains by being naked, silence and darkness. Before you go back to your family and fulfil your ‘role’ at home, you should lie naked and alone on a floor in a dark room in order to enjoy yourself, silence and the merger of your consciousness, body and mind. Try this tonight!


Text: Kristine Somere; first publication at www.SlowYogaLife.com


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