Answers to All Questions!

Intuition Cards are a perfect tool which gives answers to all questions. In the subtle dimension of Nakshatra, the Moon radiates energetic vibrations manifesting as various qualities and potentials which affect actions, decisions and steps taken by a person, thus giving hints about solutions. When a person asks a question, the card he/she picks shows how the idea in mind or action to be taken will turn out. The Intuition Cards are irreplaceable advisory and revelation tool. They help to find a way in your own intentions and launch your intuitive perception. The Intuition Cards are a unique tool which communicates the message and answer for your further strategy while heading towards the intended target. There are 27 cards in the deck where each card symbolizes one Nakshatra. There is also a book which gives for each Nakshatra an interpretation of the symbol, characterizes its nature, reveals the dominant deity and interprets its nature and actions. There is also a separate answer given by each card to the question asked before.


Set includes 27 cards and a book with instructions and description of the meaning of each card.



Colour and Release Your Talent!

The art of henna techniques is ancient, magical, authentic and extremely potent. It allows one to unlace potentials and talents, to release energetic blocks and soothe the soul. Colouring pictures gives peace, balance, harmony and tranquillity – in the body at first, but then also in life. The selection of tones is just like a game that makes you happy. On an intuitive level, the colours selected correspond to the state of your soul and heart vibrations. The therapy of colours releases tension in the body’s energetic centres and allows the free flow of breath of life. The creative spirit makes you to trust in your own powers by presenting new challenges in life and eliminating obstacles on your path. Colouring this book will increase your self-confidence and desire to enjoy life.



Colour and Enjoy!

Kama Sutra teaches the art of enjoying life. You must learn how to release your chains and colouring technique is an excellent way how to do it. Henna drawings are mysterious and magical. The drawing topics selected by the author allow you to reach the depths of energetic potential as well as to be aware of your opportunities in life and find out the right paths for reaching your goals. Colouring makes you feel well, gives peace and promotes the flow of life energy. The game of colours and the palette of individually selected colours balance energetic centres and ensure internal harmony and wellness. The magic of Kama Sutra sets loose your creative spirit and allows you to reach new mountaintops in life.