What is Vedic Astrology?

The Vedic astrology encompasses knowledge that just like light allows one to truly understand the absolute reality of existence. This is the light of wisdom that takes the darkens of the spirit down the transformation and self-realization path in order to live in accordance with the nature’s laws and God’s will.


The Vedic astrology, based on mathematically accurate knowledge about time cycles which are at the core of the natural transformation phenomenon, explains the impact of natural laws on a human life. The Vedic astrology, being the light of knowledge, enlightens one’s past, presence and future, thus helping to understand events in life and society.

Each individual life is united with the life of the cosmos expressing the natural law of a unified field. The infinite human consciousness, through the evolution process, gradually unfolded and now allows one to manifest through 9 grahas (planets), 12 rashi (signs) and 27 Nakshatras (constellations).

What is the Purpose of Vedic Astrology?

With the aid of the Vedic astrology, one can start to understand his or her true nature and possibilities thus coming closer to fully understanding the purpose and goal of life before reaching complete liberation. Through shedding light on one’s character, destiny, purposes and evolutionary path, it becomes clear what is the key to a proper use of one’s possibilities and what are benevolent actions at the right time.  By making the life more wholesome, the character and actions become more Sattvic (virtuous and pure). Therefore, the Atma (soul) can take the path of enlightenment to Moksha (liberation). To this end, the Vedic astrology addresses four aspects which must be realized in one’s life:

  • Kama (desires, pleasures, family happiness and children),
  • Artha (finances and other wealth),
  • Dharma (duties that must be fulfilled, calling and type of occupation),
  • Moksha (enlightenment, spiritual life, liberation from the cycle of birth/death).

What Vedic Astrologist Should Do?

A Vedic astrologist must find a way out of the spiritual darkness that can be seen in the Kali-Yuga and, with the help of knowledge, take the path of enlightenment to self-realization. Less fear, uncertainty, doubts, anxiety and worry about what the future holds can lead to the understanding of one’s purpose and find a way out of the fog of delusion and ignorance.

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